About Us

Edebiyatblog what is it?

Edebiyatblog; the 'truth' that is waiting to be discovered, no matter where it is
it is on this bright path that we shed light on the paths of writers, you are our dear readers
it is an e-media literature platform that they walk with.

Our goal is to uncover the unexplored, inspire, support and
it is to guide all the talents who do/will do these works.

About The Content

Although art is a specific phenomenon that differs according to the person, it is famous at first
most artists, such as 'author/thinker Plato', 'Stendhal', 'Georgi Plehanov
it is likened to a mirror by. It nourishes the soul, nourishes the person and is the most
in addition to being a phenomenon that reminds us of the purpose of being a human being, it is also important for some
according to some, it is a small tool for achieving the goal, while according to others it is the biggest in your life
the goal.

Let's keep a mirror for you as a Edebiyatblog team, and first of all, your soul
by revealing your entire self and your own thoughts
let's hit it in the face through our writers. Let's see if the reflection makes you happy
will he? Is it a small tool for you, or is it the biggest goal in our lives?

What Do We Do?

Instead of putting our writers and readers in a certain mold, they have enough
a certain restriction that they can feel free and put forward original articles
we provide a peaceful environment where they can read as they wish without feeling it.
Although we are interested in the literary part of our writings, our priority is always spirituality
it will remain as such. The main thing for us is that our articles will make you feel our readers.
Remember that feelings are ETERNAL, not literary...