Mythology Notebook

Are you ready to open the doors of the magical world of mythology with me?

Jun 5, 2022 - 23:47
Jun 6, 2022 - 08:43

1. What is mythology ?

What is mythology ?

Mythology emerged through the search for meaning of people in ancient times.There was no religion they could believe in yet, or a prophet who could explain that religion to them, and then it was up to them.They had a lot of questions, but the answers were impossible to find.With the artistic spirit and creativity of only a few of them, stories began to be told to find the answers.Almost the entire universe was full of questions and answers waiting to be discovered. What and how was the soil they stepped on formed?If there were no other beings living in the sky, who could have put the sun and moon there? How were day and night formed? How did huge trees emerge from tiny seeds? How were the seasons formed? Why were they sometimes rewarded with the sun and sometimes punished with storms? There must have been beings who created and ruled the universe...But how were these creatures to be treated in order to be rewarded? How many were there ? Which one was doing what?which one wanted what? Could people find the answers to these with stories they made up ? 


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