“Maybe you can walk hand in hand again on the streets with flowers on the edges”

Jun 2, 2022 - 19:00
Jun 4, 2022 - 19:03

I was grateful for the tea. As I looked into your eyes again, while your voice reached my ears, and your smell was still on me, I thanked the tea that brought me back to you. After I thought of the days I killed, I wanted to bury myself in the blue, my hands could hardly hold it from my wrists. Someone said stop, stop, when there is to build, don't destroy again. try again, try again, try again. “Maybe you can walk hand in hand again on the streets with flowers on the edges,” he said. Maybe good morning to the workers, garbage collectors, workers, civil servants, porters, shoe shiners as we pass by them in the early morning! Good luck with! said your lesson. Maybe, you will make each other love this city again, you will convince each other to stay in this city, he said. maybe, maybe, you will become one, you can explain your loneliness to each other in the mirror, he said. He said that when you look at him in the mirror, you will tell him that you cannot be in the mirror. He said, "You can tell him how you kept him green while he was away, how you wrote songs, how you poured the sea out of his eyes, how he took a sharp silence on the roads he walked with him while looking away, and he could never explain this situation to those around him." he said, you want life, he said, you know yourself, you can make people believe that you know. I believed in myself, oh dear. I believed and swore on the tea that I would make you believe in myself. I swore to you that I would prove how I fell in love.

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