Online Blog & Article, Fiction, Write & Read & EdebiyatBlog Online Blog & Article, Fiction, Write & Read & EdebiyatBlog en © 2021 | EdebiyatBlog® | All Rights Reserved. What are fossils ? Sometimes we find the remains of plants and animals which lived millions of years ago and have since turned to stone. These remains are called fossils. When the animal died, long, long ago, by drowning, for instance, its body sank to the bottom of the water and gradually layers of sand or silt were deposited over it. Over a period of thousands of years, the silt turned to stone and so did the remains of the animal which were preserved in it. In this way, the fossils of many animals and plants were formed. These fossils can tell us a great deal about life on earth many millions of years ago. There are even some fossils that we burn in our homes to keep warm. These are, of course, in the form of coal. Millions of years ago, whole forests sank down, were covered, and slowly petrified. These ancient tree trunks are now coal. Among the coal that is found in coal mines, there are often numerous animal fossils as well.

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