There was a philosopher, but philosophy did not yet exist.

Jun 4, 2022 - 18:50
Jun 4, 2022 - 19:03

It is rightly said that Plato founded philosophy. But we know that for a long time, a hundred years or so, only the name of the philosopher existed before philosophy took its name and established its territory. There was a philosopher, but philosophy did not yet exist. Why did that happen? Nietzsche gives an extraordinary answer: nothing new functions for a long time under or at the heart of an old form. Therefore, the new is not born out of nowhere; when he is born, we realize that in a way he has already been there, at work. We have heard the word new or novelty a lot in the recent past, so perhaps it should be emphasized: The new is formed gradually, even if it seems to appear out of nowhere; depends on speed, not haste, but slowness. In a way, it's always right before our eyes, so we don't see it until it appears. In this respect, it includes a certain confidentiality. Slowness, secrecy, suddenness, or, as Nietzsche put it, "timeless". That is why the philosopher first worked under the wise figure of the East. Pythagoras, or as we are familiar with Pythagoras – he used the word philosopher for himself first – gave his lectures from behind a curtain, his students only hearing his voice for a long time.

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